Traditional Italian Cooking

Italian Cuisine varies tremendously from region to region according to the availability of seasonal products and the influences of numberous cultures over the centuries. Some of Claudio and Michelle's recipes can be found below, arranged by region.

  • Venice - Northern Italy - Derived from the Ancient Tribe of Adriatic Veneti
  • Genova - Northern Italy - from the Latin word meaning "knee" "angle", from its geographical position at the centre of the Ligurian coastal arch
  • Florence - Central Italy - Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance
  • Tuscany - Central Italy - Simplicity is central to the Tuscan cuisine
  • Rome - West Coast - the capital of Italy and the country's largest and most populated city
  • Naples - Italian Peninsula - Known for its rich history, art, culture, architecture, music, and gastronomy
  • SIcily - South of Italy - the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea