WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF is an exchange - In return for volunteer help, hosts offer food, accommodation and the opportunity to learn about organic farming. Volunteers do not pay for their stay, and hosts do not pay volunteers for their help.
The purpose of WWOOF is to create an interest in and understanding of organic and biodynamic ways of living. In addition, WWOOF makes it possible for people to travel cheaply all over the world and, at the same time, to provide help where it is needed.
WWOOF is a worldwide network that was founded over 40 years ago by a woman named Sue Coppard. She was living in London at the time and wanted to organize a weekend stay on an organic farm.

Today organic farms in 99 countries around the world participate in the program.

Link: wwoof.it


                       WWOOF at La Rocchetta

La Rocchetta is an independent non-profit family farm on a hill overlooking Mugnano in the Tiber Valley North of Rome.  It is less than an hour by train or car to Rome and about two hours to Florence. Our WWOOF volunteers stay are lodged in may different places,  rooms with private baths, a barn and tents, depending on the time of year and the number of people staying.

Food is traditional Italian.  We are very open to cooks from all over the world - if you know what your doing and can put a good meal together, even vegans and vegetarians.

Claudio's traditional Italian cooking is mouth watering good (see the various blogs).

Projects are varied and include the general upkeep of the land and gardens:

  • creating, planting, weeding and growing vegetable and flower gardens
  • maintaining irrigation systems
  • caring for fruit and olive trees and transforming farm produce
  • clearing brush and splitting wood
  • keeping the home fires burning in the winter cold.  
  • Michelle shops, Claudio cooks (volunteers can assist him and learn about traditional Italian cuisine) and WWOOF volunteers  cleanup.  

We prefer people with an interest in Steinerian farming who like being outdoors using both their minds and their hands. People who like music, books and movies.

Activities are about 6 hours a day, in the summer 4 hours in the mornings and two the afternoon - the winter is more flexible and depends on the weather. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are for travel and discovery of the area.  Upon agreement longer blocks of time for travel and stays in Venice, Rome or Florence can be arranged.   Languages spoken are Italian and English.

If you're not a WWOOFer, you must provide proof of active and current medical insurance before arriving at La Rocchetta.

                       Frequently Asked Questions

How close are you to the nearest town with train transport to major Italian cities and airports? About 3 kilometers.

How close are you to the nearest Village?About 500 meters.

How close are you to the nearest big City?  About 20 kilometers to Orvieto and Viterbo.

Are there bikes or rides available?  Yes upon agreement.

What is the public transportation to and from farm like?  There is no local transportation, it is 3 kms to national public transport.

Is there Internet?  Yes the house has WIFI which can be used upon agreement.

Is there an internet café in the closest town? No.

When we are not doing projects, what is there to do around the house, or near by, within walking distance?   Hiking, cycling, fishing for sport, trains to Rome, Florence and other cities.

What types of places are the hot spots in the nearby town?  In Attigliano, 3 kms away, there are pubs, restaurants and bars but the real hot spots are in Rome and Florence.

What time do you start?  We usually begin around 8:30/09:00 A.M. in the winter months. We begin earlier in the summer months.

What times do you end?  The division of the day depends on the project, the time we start and the weather.

Is the food fresh, and vegetarian? What if someone eats mostly raw food.  We can accommodate Vegetarians if they want to spend extra time in the kitchen, raw food diets eaters will not be happy here. Our food is traditional Italian – pasta sauces include meat, we often make our own bread, we often eat home made soups,  fresh garden salads,  local lake fish, beef and pork.  Shopping and Cooking are done by Michelle and Claudio, guests set the table and do the dishes.  If you want to learn about Italian cooking you can ask Claudio if he needs a sous chef.

What kind of activities and projects would we be involved in?  We are involved in Gardening - planting and food transformation and household activities.

Any rules we should know about?  If you are not a WWOOFer you must JOIN WWOOF ITALY BEFORE ARRIVING AND SUPPLY US WITH YOUR CARD NUMBER.  

Then of course the obvious, nothing illegal is allowed in our home or on our land.

Do you sell your food at the farmers market?  No.

How many people are in your family? Three Myself, my husband, and my son plus two small animals -- Mina the cat and Gea the dog.

Where will we be sleeping? Will I share a room? Sleeping arrangements depend on how many people are staying at the time you come and if you come with a friend or partner.

Where do you get your drinking water? From our own well.

How many days a week do we have to adventure? The normal agreement is Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday but we can make our schedules flexible so that if you want to travel and have overnight  stays in Italian cities you can finish a project one day and then take time to travel and stay in Italian Art cities.

Are there hot springs, or any nature, hiking or outdoor activities near by? Yes - Hot springs, gardens, Lake Bolsena, we live on a country lane in the middle of a series of (boschi) woods.

Do you speak English? Yes, English, Italian, Spanish and French.

How would we get from the train station to your farm?  We will pick you up.

For train times See the Italian train site   www.ferroviedellostato.it/

To take the train from Rome you depart from Roma Termini Station must buy a 100 KM TICKET -- buy the ticket for 5 euro  AT THE NEWSPAPER STAND to avoid the lines at the ticket counters  you take the train to Attigliano -- REMEMBER TO STAMP your ticket BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAIN to avoid the 50 euro per person fines

To take the train depart departing from other locations please contact us and I will advise which trains to take

How far is it from the train station to your farm? Three Kilometres.